Ícono de Hojas de Bambú

Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is known by its emphasis on scientific, ecological and rural tourism, so it is an interesting destination that complements other touristic areas in Costa Rica.

  The vast majority of these activities are appropriate for families with young children and we highly recommend them because of their quality and service.

  The hotel can provide information and help with reservations for any of the following activities. All these tours take place in the areas near the hotel, exploiting the tourist wonders of the region, without having to make long journeys.

  All activities offered in the area are very close to the hotel, with a maximum distance of 15 kilometers and 10 minutes.


Banana Tour

Bananas are intrinsically linked to Costa Rican culture and history, and are one of the most important exportation products. The tour offers a visit to a banana plantation, showing every process of banana production in Costa Rica.

Chocolate Tour

This tour takes about 2.5 hours, and shows all the secrets and wonders of one of the world's favorite foods.

Pineapple Tour

The pineapple has become one of the most important agricultural products of Costa Rica, widely known worldwide. This tour shows a journey through all stages of production.

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Bats Tour

Costa Rica has over 113 species of bats, which constitutes 50% of mammals in the country. Learn a little about the habits of these curious animals, as well as their adaptations, reproduction and threats.

Frogs Tour

Costa Rica is ranked No. 14 among the countries with most species of amphibians, some unique in the world. With this frogs tour you will have the opportunity to see these beautiful specimens.

Sarapiquí Ecological River Tour

This River is one of most biodiverse of the country, and definitely a great attraction in the area. The boat tours will allow you to see monkeys, different species of birds, iguanas and alligators, among others.

White Water Rafting Sarapiqui River

The River has Class II and III rapids, which make it perfect for those who want to test the activity of White Water rafting for the first time, as well as to observe the flora and fauna in an experience full of adventure and nature.

Inflatable kayak in the Sarapiqui River

If you want something different, you can try the same river and enjoyed the same rapids but on a plastic inflatable kayak, which are less stable and more demanding than the traditional "raft".


Experience the pleasure of meeting the forest from above, by sliding through the tropical rainforest.

Rappelling in the Sarapiqui River Canyon

The cannoning or rappelling is one of the most demanding activities in the area, especially for those who love adventure and outdoor activities.

Mountain bike tour

The area offers plenty of wooded areas with open roads for adventurers. These roads pass through small villages and tropical forest, so visitors could get a feeling of the true Costa Rican landscape.


The nature walks on Tirimbina Biological Reserve, with its properly built and labeled trails amid the tropical rainforest are a very nice experience.

Night Walk Tour

Visit the forest as never before in the darkness of the night. Many of the species living in the tropical rainforest have nocturnal habits and a walk just after the sun has fallen will show you the wonders of this unique habitat.

Bird watching


  Being in an area surrounded by several protected natural areas, forests and rivers, as well as its warm climate, Hotel El Bambú is a small wonderful place for bird watching. Whether you have an expert eye or you are a bird lover, you can observe many species of birds from the terraces and walkways of the hotels.

Its rich avifauna is represented in almost 515 species among resident and migratory birds, including toucans and toucanets, the umbrella bird, the Motmot and the beautiful trogons.

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